Big Question Plus Noise Bonus

The Ochelli Effect 9-2-2020 Glenn Viklund

Big Question Plus Noise Bonus


Everybody needs to calm down.

This podcast may have been a members-only presentation but with a few extra bits and music, it became an addition Wednesday Pod.

Glenn asked a big question, or two. Chuck added some off-air bonus audio. You also get music by Srirchwork, Cirrus Minor, and Chuck. There are some pre-recorded bits you know and

A bit of poetry was also blended in for effect. A few updates answering some e-mails, and an extended offer for bumper stickers are part of the compilation.

Glenn asked Chuck about not taking a stand and there are some raw answers about what Chuck sees as his general disposition. What’s wrong with every system? How bad is Trump? What does Chuck think about masking up?

Do we know how we got to the emotional cliff that far too many seem to be begging to dive from? What’s next? Will there be lubrication in the future?

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Big Question Plus Noise Bonus

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