Beyond Pyramids and Stonehenge

The Ochelli Effect 2017-08-07

Beyond Pyramids and Stonehenge
The Ochelli Effect with Author Michael Feeley.
Former career in UK Law Enforcement.
The Author of 5 books and several E Books , Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer for 17 years, using his investigative training to decipher & reveal the great & ancient mysteries of our time. He has found a hidden code connecting the likes of Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Sumerian scrolls, Biblical characters an even the King Arthur legend. Michael is also a descendant of ancient Irish Celtic Kings who themselves are connected to ancient Pharaonic Egypt.
Beyond Pyramids and Stonehenge
connection between human biology and cosmology
Lost History and technology.
Kings chamber Pineal gland.
Knowledge restricted to protect those that seek to steer humanity.
Beyond Pyramids and Stonehenge
Scottish Rights and Ties to ancient Egypt.
Ancient Egyptian geographical building locations, are a map of the mind
Lines of Law upon the earth
Astronomy and biology
Beyond Pyramids and Stonehenge
our bandwidth is seriously restricted
Limitations on the physical experience.
Can one know source without personal experience?
Michael Feeley’s view on the JFK assassination, the cover up, and what came after.
Beyond Pyramids and Stonehenge
The sacred symbol of man.
Symbols and numbers have meaning.
September 11 discussed in several sections.
Dates are chosen for events for reasons.
Beyond Pyramids and Stonehenge

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