Beyond Prison Without Walls

The Ochelli Effect 2-1-2019 Jeffrey Matte

We had another great conversation with Jeffrey Matte on The Friday show.

Prison and the culture of it go far beyond the profit-making ventures most often cited. Just like slavery, a mindset and more sophisticated mechanisms have been implemented to continue the practice in a more efficient and indeed legal fashion. Ethical dystopia has already been achieved and the generations born into the post-9/11 reality will know nothing of time before the control grid we see today.

Beyond Prison Without Walls


Intellistreets Street lamps with high tech stuff.
Something similar in China

Here in North America, we will slowly implement the masses to this new reality.
Watcing you while at the game. DHS drones with Facial recognition

Here is a sign Privacy is no longer possible.
Sidewalks labs privacy officer quits

Prison Tech you don’t see as prison tech

Now Prisons are collecting voiceprints without real consent nor transparency.

Living room lamp with full HD capability

NEST camera system being hacked.

Peter Diamandis talks about cameras in your shower to check for cancer.

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Click on the Prisons page and Control Tech. You`ll get a better idea by going to my site to see the big picture.

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Beyond Prison Without Walls – The Ochelli Effect 2-1-2019 Jeffrey Matte