Beware Hyper Refrigerators

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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 4-12-2019

(Aaron’s Notes)
TRR 225

The modern world has us all in a state of Hyper Activity. At this point what do we do to slow things down?

topics include: hyperactivity, children, work, society, culture, America, United States, history, Native Americans, conservative cultures, liberal democracy, Western Civilization, Classical Civilization, politics, debate, propaganda, opinion, identity, ego, capitalism, corporations, corporate personhood, planned obsolescence, waste, production and consumption, materialism, wealth, American Dream

Utp 132

Our friend Ed calls in again alongside the sidekick man. These phone lines are heating up.

topics include: phone calls, cannabis, beer, business cards, Milwaukee WI, Western NY, analytics, listeners, podcast

Beware Hyper Refrigerators

(Producers Notes)

Beware Hyper Refrigerators

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Beware Hyper Refrigerators