Betty Boop Psycho-Socialism

The Ochelli Effect 8-15-2018 Jeffrey Matte

Jeffrey Matte was not informed about the topic ahead of the show in any way.

What are connections important between people? Is there any hope elitists have a heart? If the control grid disappeared, would the human family still imprison itself?

Jeffrey Matte returns as a guest on a Wednesday to speak more from the heart than he might normally do. Are we all designed to be gas-lighted? Nature versus nurture is explored.

Is the human family in decline? Chuck speaks candidly without touching the usual news items. The world you grew up in is not an excuse. Jeffrey and Chuck both describe why they are doing what they do.

The show started late and ran late, but it is contained in this two-hour podcast. Is Tribalism natural, or artificial? Does everyone’s experience vary?

Is there a difference between childish and child-like? Jordan Maxwell nearly interrupts the show as he is being discussed, despite not listening to it LIVE. Funny how things work out.

Can’t we all do better? Chuck describes the inspiration for this completely unscripted conversation.

Don’t speak French in the South, and never surrender your power to affect the world around you.


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Betty Boop Psycho-Socialism

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Betty Boop Psycho-Socialism – The Ochelli Effect 8-15-2018 Jeffrey Matte