Bernie Take Gun Leave Cannoli

Popcorn Politics 2-25-2020 Joe Sanberg and Carmine Savastano

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Bernie Take Gun Leave Cannoli

In today’s episode of Popcorn Politics Joe Sandberg and I dug into why Bernie Sanders resonates with the primary electorate, why he’s the ideal contrast candidate to Trump, and why his policy platform makes business sense. We discuss Medicare For All, the logic behind the Green New Deal, and Co-determination. Finally, we discuss Sanders’ electability.

In hour 2, Carmine Savastano and I break down The Godfather. We highlighted the underlying cultural impact, some key scenes, and Michael Corleone’s descent into villainy or anti-hero. What is the nature of a villain? What is a modern-day mobster? Is there something that makes a movie timeless? We debate this and more.

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It was fun to listen to Carmine and Dylan examine one of the best movies of all time. Despite my best efforts in hour one things got a bit sloppy. Dylan is doing quite well and I am looking forward to seeing where Dylan takes Popcorn Politics in the future. Let us know if you’d like to see Dylan take calls , or should I say hear? The show ended early this week bacause Dylan jumped the gun a bit. So I did fill the last few minutes to keep with our 2 hour show format.

Bernie Take Gun Leave Cannoli

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Bernie Take Gun Leave Cannoli – Popcorn Politics 2-25-2020 Joe Sanberg and Carmine Savastano