Benazir Bhutto Assassination Rawalpindi 2007

The Ochelli Effect 1-4-2018 Carmine Savastano

In this installment of Sinister History we focus on Benazir Bhutto Assassination Rawalpindi 2007 , where there seems to be the same old MO driving events we have become so used to discussing when facing facts about the assassinations of the 1960s. The use of murder as apolitical means to an end has been in play since political conflict came into being , but it is interesting that methods and cover-ups seem to prevail alongside. A general history of the Pakistani leader and circumstances of her murder are explored. More than 11 years later , questions remain …

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Benazir Bhutto Assassination Rawalpindi 2007


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Benazir Bhutto Assassination Rawalpindi 2007

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Benazir Bhutto Assassination Rawalpindi 2007