bee best melania trump

bee best melania trump

The Ochelli Effect 6-1-2018 Chuck Solo

Chuck goes solo on a Friar’s day Ochelli Effect. He asks, where in the world is Melania. See you next Tuesday? Is Samantha Bee funny? Is this show the best way to start the month of June?
The idiot Trump continues to destroy any illusion of American intellectual prowess. Melania M.I.A. along with The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The Prophets of No Profits, Doom, and the Cult of Orange Kool-Aid are unaffected by facts. When will the American public get rid of this embarrassment Trump? The scumbag keeps telling those who claim to believe in law and order that he is above it all. The American diplomacy of the past was dishonest; now it is utterly moronic. An idiot at the switch is supported only by traitors to the people with IQs above room temperature that still reside in the country I thought was exceptional, until the well advertised self-defeating stupidity of the wannabe gangster jackass elitist that is POTUS 45. Sorry, Not Sorry for the rant inspired by disgust and frustration with the realization that we are all drowning in Stupid. Liberals are not even good opponents. We free-thinking adults need to check this better from now on.
bee best melania trump
The most uninformed article of the week
Correct Info from Corbett and Griffin:
It might be the economy, Stupid! Putin is getting his fully paid for puppet to perform. China is a threat. Even though Jackie Kennedy and Alice don’t live here anymore, there may be some other American props getting stored.
Black Live Matter, how much? What’s a trade with among friends? Samantha Bee should not say sorry. The British use the “C-Word” much better. Two thumbs down is the rating for an upcoming Trump Movie for Christian morons.
bee best melania trump
By the way, The Ochelli Effect finds it insulting to female genitals to compare Ivanka Trump to them.
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bee best melania trump

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 bee best melania trump – The Ochelli Effect 6-1-2018 Chuck Solo

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