Bear Metrics Bum Whine

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Themes and Memes plus Uncle 5-15-2020 Bum Whine Bob

Bear Metrics Bum Whine

T&M ep59

Adam and Aaron talk about the strange current atmosphere during this global pandemic. From the bizarre present to the unknown future, serious changes and moves are being made all around us. Some of the more obscure topics that few talked about before are now becoming undeniably important.

topics: strange times, Covid19, new normal, America 2.0, mandatory vaccines, the police state, comparisons to 9/11, technology, Elon Musk, Neuralink, brain-machine interfaces, NIH, CDC, artificial intelligence, big data, Joe Rogan, transhumanism, tracking chips, China’s Ai initiative, NSCAI, national security, surveillance, Bill Gates, disinformation online, Google, Amazon, meat shortage to veggie burgers, sustainability, iPhone health app, predictive programming, medical martial law, pandemic movies, different reactions from people in daily life

(end Aaron’s Notes)

(Start Chuck’s Notes)

We got a few minutes of The Age of Transitions.

Then we got a full show with Uncle and Bum Whine Bob.

Four friends and some kinda seltzer got rated and we had a bit of fun.

Bear Vasquez got a shoutout. He went to a good place.

Garbage Pale Punch is a thing. Bob is the drunken master even when he is not drunk.




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Bear Metrics Bum Whine – Themes and Memes plus Uncle 5-15-2020 Bum Whine Bob

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