Basement Games Noble Rabbits

Popcorn Politics 9-15-2020 Eric Cunningham and Chuck Ochelli

Basement Games Noble Rabbits

(Dylan’s Notes)

In today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Eric Cunningham and I discussed the long-dreaded Massachusetts primary results. It was a very good night for incumbents.

Ed Markey and Richard Neal both easily beat back primary challenges by Joe Kennedy and Alex Morse. Morse couldn’t overcome Neal’s prolific fundraising, and Kennedy couldn’t figure out how to convince voters this was more than a power grab.

These primaries are emblematic of the year the left has had. They won some very important battles, defeating Dan Lipinski and Elliot Engel, but lost major battles like Morse being blown out and Cisneros narrowly losing to Henry Cuellar. We also discussed the North Carolina Senate race between Cal Cunningham and Thom Tillis. Cunningham had 2 major gaffes at the recent debate and emphasized why the race, which once looked good for Cunningham, is now even.

In hour 2 Chuck Ochelli joined me to talk about Jojo Rabbit again.

We discussed some things that Chuck felt I hadn’t extensively covered and given a historical perspective that I don’t have.

We went over the storyline involving Jojo’s mother again while emphasizing the importance of shoes as a reoccurring character in the film.

We also reiterated how masterful the interweaving of various conflicting tones is throughout the film. The inclusion of Adolf Hitler as Jojo’s imaginary friend was an incredibly risky decision that earned backlash from all sides of the political spectrum, but it worked perfectly to give physical form to Jojo’s development as a character.

Chuck isn’t a big fan of director Taika Waititi or the art-house style this movie revels in, but he came away from Jojo Rabbit loving it as much as I do.

Eric Cunningham: @decunningham2 on Twitter

(End Dylan’s Notes)

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Basement Games Noble Rabbits

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