Bar Room Blitz

The Ochelli Effect 5-16-2019 Storytime

Thursday You got a live creation of an audiobook in the form of an experimental Broadcast/Podcast, despite there being no book. At least we hope it turned out that way.

Thor’s Day Chuck decided to unplug from the news and see what happens when he verbally tells a story.

This is an experiment of sorts to see if Chuck’s style of writing makes sense to the listener. What you get for most of this podcast is a narrative structured in exactly the way Ochelli writes about nearly anything.

Working on two books of non-fiction and seeking feedback from listeners to sculpt the style is a fairly odd premise for a podcast. We hope you enjoy this and engage in the process.

Also included is a short round-up of reasons for ignoring the news, and frustrations that led to this presentation.

Bar Room Blitz

The artists contributing to the audio breaks include:
Cirrus Minor
10 Gauge
Renegade Smith (Artist behind The Ochelli Effect Theme)

The story “Bar Room Blitz” is the true account of a very small aspect of Chuck’s childhood that he shared mostly because it was the easiest narrative to remember. it has multiple sub-plots and story arcs within it. It is 100% true and the names of the guilty were never actually known. It also happens to be a happy memory that is not going to be included in the two current unfinished books Chuck is working on.

Bar Room Blitz

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Bar Room Blitz – The Ochelli Effect 5-16-2019 Storytime