Bad Choices Selection 2020

The Ochelli Effect 10-5-2020 Glenn Viklund and Albert Lanier

Bad Choices Selection 2020

Our friend and economist from Sweeden Glenn Viklund talked with Chuck in the first hour about the debacle debate from 6 days ago between Trump and Biden. What do the Selection process and the Mini-series of mildly scripted TV shows look like to an outsider?

Chuck and Glenn also talked about the polls and the hints of fascism seen by a global audience. Does anyone know who won the debate? Can you win a debate when no debate was had?

In the second hour, Veteran Journalist Albert Lanier finished the full analysis on the debate debacle and briefly touched on the latest Coronavirus Apprentice LIVE roadshow Trump TV Special.

Mr. Lanier also talked about his latest blog about Green Party power plays and DNC vengeance.

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Bad Choices Selection 2020

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