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(Aaron’s Notes)

TRR 217

Aaron calls on his audience to help him procure guests for the show. He also muses on the idea of doing an Age of Transitions 2 video.

topics include: guest interviews, social media, emails, Kai-Fu Lee, AI Superpowers, Yasha Levine, Surveillance Valley, Newt Gingrich, artificial intelligence, deep learning, algorithms, big data, economics, media

Utp 124

Uncle has a few questions about this year’s Super Bowl commercials thrown at him from the producer, Chuck Ochelli. A strange and unsettling mix of ads mixed with a terrible game, but this big mess was at least redeemed by some world-class musical performances from Maroon Five and Gladys Knight.

topics include Super Bowl 53. Todd Gurley still injured, ADT, Amazon, Alexa, Washington Post, TurboTax, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Jeff Bezos, dystopia, transhumanism, cyborg, robot, home security, Property Brothers, Adam Levine, Doritos, Pepsi, Budweiser

Audience Participation Uncle Critiques

(Producers Notes)

Help from the audience works. Aaron is strange to some I guess.
Interesting people and audience feedback make shows what they are.
The Superb Owl. The halftime show sucked ass. Uncle liked it better when there were many guests.
Who wasn’t confused and creeped out by the commercials? Looks like Black doesn’t crack if you are Gladys Knight.
The UnPatriots sacrificed a Ram last Sunday or a whole team.

Audience Participation Uncle Critiques

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Audience Participation Uncle Critiques