Assisted Suicide Level Three

The Ochelli Effect 7-20-2018 Jeffrey Matte

Jeffrey Matte joins Chuck on a Friar’s Day Ochelli Effect.

Jeffrey Matte joins us on a Friday night to continue the discussion. Is humanity simply the test subject in the giant test lab Earth? Perhaps chemical and mineral poisoning is not only a profit-driven industry but a long-term strategy for what comes next.

How will AI make the process of early death run without resistance? Worldwide organizations are already determining the definitions of life and death. Will they enforce the will of the inhuman machines in the future that may actually become the grand matrix?

How dangerous is the DSM when it comes to psychological disease? Are the constant drugging agendas also serving multiple purposes? Has the role of Elders in society been demolished for a purpose? Is any of this new?

Does the idea of being little more than a lab rat in the grand scheme of things disturb you? Do vaccination of a population and an intentional reduction in life expectancy make sense when viewed as part of a harvesting business model.

Jeffrey and Chuck discuss many aspects of the control grid and consider the AI as a dangerous addition to the evolving agenda.

Fear is not an option, but awareness is.


Assisted Suicide Level Three

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Assisted Suicide Level Three – The Ochelli Effect 7-20-2018 Jeffrey Matte