Assassination Nation WW3 Inevitable

The Ochelli Effect 12-6-2020 Terry Tapp and B Pete

Assassination Nation WW3 Inevitable

The Ochelli Effect is back!

Is World War Three Inevitable? Has Pandora just had her box destroyed? Is Australia our future, present, or both? Can the assassination justify what comes next? Is history forgotten of the unknown?

On our first show since the old computer died, we kicked off the broadcast week with renaissance man Terry Tapp. Terry had been a guest with eclectic thoughts emblematic of the diverse artist he is but rarely turns his attention to current events on the show. The recent assassination of an Iranian military leader and the as yet unseen consequences of the actions taken by the US government forced Mr. Tapp to examine a great many ideas that may otherwise have been left to others.

Chuck and Terry discussed history regarding the conflicts between Iran and the United States. The conversation also focused on the surrogate bloodlust of those that think the recent aggression of the Trump administration is to be celebrated. The inferno claiming life in Australia was discussed.

The second hour B Pete and Chuck had a completely different discussion. The topic may have been the same but anyone who knows how Wednesdays flow on the show knows that B Pete and Chuck will not view the Iranian issue in the same context at all.


Assassination Nation WW3 Inevitable

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Assassination Nation WW3 Inevitable -The Ochelli Effect 12-6-2020 Terry Tapp and B Pete