Artistic Twister Black Budget

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The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-6-2019

Artistic Twister Black Budget

(Aaron’s Notes)

AoT 244

Art, what is it? Artists, who are they? The creative process is a strange, mysterious, and sometimes intimidating thing. It may not take talent to make art, but it does seem to take a sense of reckless abandon.

topics include: title of artist, artistic talent, visual art, performance art, music, concept, color, design, art school, Bob Dylan, Rolling Thunder Revue, Bohemian, doing strange things, social experimentation, pentagram, four elements, spirit, human hand, thumb, mind, consciousness, philosophy, science, religion, alchemy, decay, nature, artifice, raw materials, medium

Utp 151

Uncle tiptoes to the edge as he views a comic book that is certainly NSFW. Thankfully, things get back to normal when a caller throws some sword shop ideas his way.

topics include: Black Budget Comix, Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, live performances, open mic nights, The Vibe Riverside CA, music, punk rock, stand up comedy, heckling, Apple computers, technical issues, Twitter customer service

Artistic Twister Black Budget

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Artistic Twister Black Budget -The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-6-2019