Artisan Loaf Uncle Shirt

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 2-19-2021 Artisan Loaf

Artisan Loaf Uncle Shirt

AOT #305

Artisan Loaf returns to give us an update on the new wealthiest man on Earth, Elon Musk. Being a living contradiction may be the best way to gain fame and fortune in the virtual world.

topics include: Tesla, Neuralink, Jack Ma, stock price, $TSLA, DogeCoin, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, online life, internet, Twitter, a cult of personality, Trump, Joe Rogan, marketing, Clubhouse, Vladimir Putin, public image, China, international business

UTP #214

Uncle’s tie-dye t-shirts are here, and available on our website. Learn all about them on this episode of the broadcast.

topics include: tie-dye, ice dye, live show, rock concerts, Poison, metal shows


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Artisan Loaf Uncle Shirt

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