Artificial Superbowl Intel

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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 1-25-2019

(Aaron’s Notes)
TRR 215

Aaron shares some thoughts on the history and current state of artificial intelligence development. China and the US are the current global leaders in the field. Is there a new cold war scenario between these two countries? What are the true long term goals when it comes to Ai?

topics include: artificial intelligence, machine learning, ARPANET, DARPA, military technological development, Vietnam War, China, Xinjiang, Uyghur minority, concentration camps, Social Credit system, government, corporations, Amazon, Alibaba, cloud computing, MIC, wars, civil liberties

Utp 122

Uncle gives his in-depth analysis of the upcoming Super Bowl. He clearly lays out what the Rams need to do to win the big game.

topics include: Super Bowl 53, LA Rams, New England Patriots, Deflategate, NFL, football, wings, the mall, throwback jerseys, sports

Artificial Superbowl Intel

(Producers Notes In No particular order)
Wingstreet or Hooters?
No, we still can’t take calls
What is “Life”?
How bad was the non-call in the playoff game?
Why is The Rams hORNS WHITE?
Is Skynet online?
Can a computer get high?
They almost didn’t finish the beer review.
Should I explain the art of laying off the action?

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Artificial Superbowl Intel