ANTIFA BS FAKE left FAKE right Static

ANTIFA BS FAKE left FAKE right Static

Ochelli Effect 9-6-2017 Mark Windows and Larry Woods

Mark Windows joins us in the first hour to explain how the entire left vs. Right stupidity is now being used on both sides of the Atlantic to drive people into conflict with each other over fabricated ideals that have no relationship top classic liberal or conservative definitions. Anarchists got uniforms at some point ? FRiction wrote the reality of the KKK in the artist formerly known as American and in detention camp UK even more poorly written fiction is now writing stranger scripts that mix sluts with Israel and identity politics. Strange days indeed. Plus insults injury , and the lack of understanding in a PC climate that demands it.

Second hour Larry Woods Returns talking about the harm that can be done by EMF WIFI and what to do if you want grandchildren. Explaining the difference between energy fields that are harmful and the frequency of positive output. FREE ENERGY is here we now need to find a way around all those that need to keep it away from the people. Vortex math and the often ignored elements of magnetic properties

ANTIFA BS FAKE left FAKE right Static

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