Another Independence Day

The Ochelli Effect 7-4-2018 Chuck Solo

Chuck flies solo and asks for calls. Meria Heller decides to call in and catch up before Hell and High Water happens on Tuesday.
Rise and Resist claimed that the woman climbing up the Statue of Liberty was not connected to them before air time. They claimed her a bit later. Protests are happening but are they making anything else happen?
Another Independence Day and another chance to ask is there a reason to celebrate? Is there any chance an Italian President could be selected?
What country is Trump making great again? Agent Orange is looking to invade places he likely cannot find on a map. Disinformation runs wild. Was there a win in the alleged American Revolution?
How does anyone move forward in this bizarre time? Firecrackers and dogs barking fill out the background noise. Turning right, or left, seems to be dragging everyone backward.
Kids are still in cages, despite all your rages. Fox News has one devoted viewer for sure. Is there a point that will cause the Cult 45 members to revolt? Christians must follow the anti-christ.

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Another Independence Day

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Another Independence Day – The Ochelli Effect 7-4-2018 Chuck Solo