Ancient Chinese Secret Poem

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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 5-10-2019

(Aaron’s Notes)
TRR 228

The tension between China and the United States is undeniable. What it all may be leading to is impossible to say, but trying to understand our current situation is a useful thing to do. Marlon Ettinger calls into the show to help Aaron do just this.

topics include: China, CCP, Xinjiang Provence, Uyghur, reeducation camps, concentration camps, propaganda, geopolitics, development, economics, military, Trump, Xi Jinping, technology, real estate, North Korea, South Korea

Utp 135

Another wonderful broadcast featuring live callers. Sef the Poet comes on the line to tell us a little bit about a whole lot. Don’t follow him, follow him. Uncle is overjoyed to have someone pointing in the right direction.

topics include: live comedy, JP Sears, @sefthepoet, poetry, speaking, religion, Christianity, volunteering, business cards, sword store, Riverside, inspiration, life-altering events, out of body experiences, messages from beyond, crocodile Gandhi

Ancient Chinese Secret Poem

(Producers Notes)
We started late due to a problem hearing Aaron.
Set-up phones.
Had No idea where this was gonna go.
Had to bust Aaron’s balls about the Cards.
Seth “The Poet”, I’d love to have a spoken word battle with that guy.
Hope no one calls the cops on Uncle with a sword in the mall.

Ancient Chinese Secret Poem

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Ancient Chinese Secret Poem