American Opioids Deus ex Machina

The Ochelli Effect 2-14-2018 Aaron Franz , Marlow , and more

Chucks 10 years worth of Youtube is gone as GooTube will only accept Elite approved propaganda Fluff , Filler from the uninformed , and controlled opposition NOW , but let’s move on … The Age of Transitions as we all stars now , in The Dope Show. Opening the show with a few random thoughts , We are Joined by Aaron Franz and the enigma who shall be known as “Marlow”. What happens when puppet Trump is mentioned to someone already hiding deep in a closet? We assure you it is a far cry from from the real Red puppet Elmo. No matter , we move far away from the Orange Kool-Aid and talk Finger Family that is not child friendly and has a creepy ring to it. PLUS , did Marlow just say Chuck Ochelli? and the latest Sports report from Uncle. Into the meat of the Drug Deal , and the art of the Crisis. Culture , counterculture; heroin epidemics past and present , American Opioids Deus ex Machina ! The approved dope dealers of big pharma , facts and silliness from the transatlantic elites. All tied tight to the world we live in post Truth and a call to imagine a time where the caustic parasites should not sleep well waiting for Mob Justice. One Problem , Where’s the Mob?? Listen in and maybe you’ll sort out all of this and a whole lot more … Wait was there another mass shooting in a school? We thought only Obama staged those. Violence and the deliberate destruction of people with the War Of Drugs on The People is very real. Odd both things didn’t matter before when body counts stayed among only the poorest and least white areas. Who Made Who? American Opioids Deus ex Machina , Happy Valentine’s Day

An interesting mid-week Ochelli Effect : American Opioids Deus ex Machina

DOPE LINKS:,_washington%27s_twenty-first-century_opium_wars

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American Opioids Deus ex Machina

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Ochelli Effect : American Opioids Deus ex Machina