American Media Talk Radio Legend Alan Berg

The Ochelli Effect 10-16-2017 Stephen Singular on Talked To Death – The Life and Murder of Alan Berg –

The Movie “Talk Radio” by Oliver Stone was in part based on the True Story of Radio Talk Show Legend Alan Berg  who was killed June 18 1984  by a member of a group calling themselves “The Order”.  The story and realities contained within the story go much deeper than the film illustrates. Author Stephen Singular wrote the book “Talked To Death”  Which the film used as source material. Chuck discusses with the author many things left out of the story in the Stone film , and explains that Berg is one of Ochelli’s heroes. Stephen talks about his personal time knowing the media legend and the many challenges in life Berg overcame in becoming a well known talk radio broadcaster in Denver Colorado during the 1970s-902 until his assassination in 1984. American Media Talk Radio Legend Alan Berg was a unique figure in the emerging art form of Talk Radio. Chuck and Stephen also discuss the magic that is radio and how there is no other media form quite like it. Not only does this prove to be true today in the era of Podcasts bur a long history of interesting artists from Howard Stern to Art Bell to William Cooper , to Panic-attack Jones have built upon the foundations of the early days which Alan Berg was part of. In fact Alan Berg may have gone further if not for an assassins bullets.

American Media Talk Radio Legend Alan Berg

The Ochelli Effect 10-16-2017 author Stephen Singular on “Talked To Death” The Life and Murder of Alan Berg

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