American income inequality

The Ochelli Effect 2-9-2018 Donald Jeffries on his book Survival Of The Richest

There are some issues with the sound of the show we are working to avoid in the future. This conversation is based on Chuck reading a portion of Donald Jeffries book Survival of the Richest and all that comes with the concept. American income inequality is only a small part of what the book covers but it is key. Chuck talks with the author about the general disconnect of People from the actual reality of the way money for the majority of the population has literally been made so scarce over the past few decades that there is no way for the alleged American Dream to ever be anything more than just a dream. Does The “Middle Class” exist ? When exactly was America Great? Is it only the grand Jobs program of the military Industrial Complex that made things good for some? What is the difference in applying for a job in 2018 from the seemingly more personal process before now? Imagine a 10 hour work week… Is the system functioning as it was designed? Trump and his ignorance , is it just the logical progression of Survival Of The Richest?

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American income inequality

This is intended to be the first part of a series on the book Survival Of The Richest

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American income inequality