American Dream Dope Scene

The Ochelli Effect 8-2-2019 BPete calls in

Chuck Started the Friar’s Day show covering a few news items. The Death of RFK’s Granddaughter and a Pugh research waste of time on Evangelical Christians get spoken about before the show improves.

Bpete is a repeat caller and he added a ton of perspective to the ever-changing world of the rigged system. How the environment is affected by poisons required by regulations in the fuel industry and what the cost of disposable products is on society, in general, become part of the conversation in the second hour.

Chuck’s computer crashed along the way, but he was able to cover news and let people know the swag packages were mailed despite the fact that the United States Post Office is now a giant rip-off.

Why only people from the North East knew Trump was an incompetent criminal and idiot in business previous to his career as a reality TV POTUS is beyond us. No justice for Eric Garner seems to be on any horizon.

Is all of America on drugs? Cannabis should not be a drug. Why do people feel a need to get high? Hey stupid, is it all about the drugs? Are we all stars now in the dope show?

American Dream Dope Scene

I am not going to bother giving you guys links on this post. It seems they are not often used. I don’t think anyone reads more than the first few words I write on the podcast posts anyway.

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Noli sinere pessimi te tristificare per stulti.

American Dream Dope Scene

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American Dream Dope Scene – The Ochelli Effect 8-2-2019 BPete calls in