American Criminal History Two

The Ochelli Effect 10-25-2019 Donald Jeffries

American Criminal History Two

Crimes and Cover-ups in American Politics: 1776-1963 is the latest book by Author Donald Jeffries. Mr. Jeffries returned to the show to complete the overview of this provocative look at the founding of the Republic and the history that follows up until 1963.

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Chuck and Donald discuss the historical record, reality and what the winners decided to allow us all to know. Reconstruction, The Cold War, The Federal Reserve, and other dark topics were covered in two hours.

Is there another woman who should have made it first to be memorialized on U.S. Currency? How racist is everyone in the past when they are judged under today’s standards?

Donald is also the host of a weekly radio show.

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American Criminal History Two

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American Criminal History Two – The Ochelli Effect 10-25-2019 Donald Jeffries