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The Ochelli Effect 12-9-2020 Hesher

Alternate Current Direct Content

Wednesday is often the wild card on the show. AC/DC TOE ACR

On this show, Chuck welcomed back Hesher from Alternate Current Radio. The two broadcasters started the discussion by hitting some Heavy Metal odds and ends. Is their a unique kinship in the Metal mentality?

Hesher explained a few things about the Social Rejects Club, and Chuck wants in. This show was a bit more about the philosophical motives of Independent Media and the strangeness of the public begging to be experimented upon by the trusted pharma corporations.

Was anyone ever in their Mind? There is also an AFTER EFFECT. Aliens, Bill Cooper, and Y@K also got covered as Chuck and Hesher noted AJs Greatest Hits. Is the post-911 reality so well established that young adults do not know what things were in the time before the alleged Patriot Act?

Chat questions were added in to the conversation, and we wonder what strange level of mind control will be deployed next. You can contact Chuck or Hesher to give them ideas about a design for a regular crossover podcast.



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Alternate Current Direct Content

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