Alt Right Click Bait

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-18 Tuesday Alt Right Click Bait w/ Mike Swanson & JP Sottile

The Ochelli Effect with Mike Swanson and JP Sottile. alt right click bait

Hour one.

None of this is Alt Right or Click Bait.

Michael Swanson discusses the evolution of the “ALT Right”.

Is there a clear genesis story for the current ALT Right?

The Authot of “The War State”

A few notes on Mike’s history.

Alex Jones on the Megan Kelly show.

a quick look back at Bill Cooper , Jones , and Rush.

Bill Cooper, false info on JFK.

The guy who created the idiotic Limo Driver did it theory.

Short wave Radio, Long before the age of Click Bait.

The Underground information not-so-super highway.

Dishonorable mentions.

Communism United many beyond the alt right.

Click bait is king lately it seems.

The United Nations , Alt Right Click Bait and the the anti-UN other

The John Birch Society, communist plot to take over the US. .

Standard Fare , Seperating movements from those they attract.

Hierarchy based on genetics.

McCarthy and the age of ISM.

seven world views in quick New World Order.

Behold a Pale Horse , It is your stupidity.

To Be Continued…

Hour two.

JP Sottile arrives to vandalize the news.

Donald Trump is walking talking click bait.

Only if his base abandons him will the ego cycle be broken.

The Keys To The Kingdom?

Baseball and the giants being legit.

Lies coming out of Trump and the Whitehouse

Tribal paradygm ?

Why dictators succeed?

Genocides, war , and other things brought to you by, The Right and Left.

Is there a Right , Alt , or valid click bait?

Appeals to alt right or one man’s ego?

How many lies per day is presidential now?

All of it is click bait.

Weapons of mass distraction.

Ideology fuels Alt Right and Click bait.

The vicious circle

Left and right results DO NOT vary.

Some things never change.

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