Airing grievances Friar’s Day

The Ochelli Effect 6-7-2019 Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson heard that Chuck had identified him as a racist and contacted Ochelli through facebook to protest. In return, Chuck offered to Dawson to come on the show and defend himself. This might have turned ugly. Ryan Dawson is the first person objecting to how he was represented on the show to agree to appear to defend himself and actually do just that.

The presentation covers enough ground for listeners to decide for themselves if Ryan is a polite racist or if Chuck was simply incorrect in supporting the idea. Listeners should note that as usual this conversation was not altered in any way. You are hearing it exactly as it was broadcast.

This entire saga began on Pearse Redmond’s show, where Pearse explains that his editorial decision about Ryan Dawson resulted in his deciding that due to his political views outside of the 9-11 topic that he was not fit to return as a guest for Porkins.

Chuck still feels that Dawson’s support for the work of Michael Collins Piper on the JFK Assassination is a bad sign and that Piper’s thesis is invalid. In fairness, Dawson responded to this by stating he has his own ideas regarding the Assassination and if given time would explain them.

Chuck also asked Ryan about his appearance on a show with David Duke, display of the Confederate battle flag and a few other issues that one might take as indicators that Ryan answers questions about quite directly.

Does this mean Chuck has no issues with Ryan at all? No. Does this mean that Chuck thinks Ryan belongs in the toxic waste dump of media where he places many people with work designed to do nothing but divide people and play on destructive tendencies among their audience? It doesn’t appear to be what he is doing. Does Chuck strongly disagree with some of what Dawson has to say? Yes.

Airing grievances Friar’s Day

We; have this entire discussion and situation here for your judgment. Listen and let us know. It is remarkable that the very same attacks used to undermine Dawson are practically carbon copies of the tactical twists of reality used to justify attacks against Chuck over the years.

Ryan Dawson ONLINE:

The Episode of Porkins that lit this fire:

Is everyone RT uses suspect on some level? Yes. The attacks in this article represent the general views of people attacking Dawson. It is noteworthy that an attempt to verify evidence for nearly all of what is stated will result in misrepresentations and flat out dead ends. Go ahead, try to follow-up on the attacks, see for yourself.

The last part of the broadcast contains the sad news round-up of non-sense that Chuck explains and a few pieces of indie music to end the broadcast week for the show.

Judge the whole thing for yourself.

Airing grievances Friar’s Day

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Airing grievances Friar’s Day – The Ochelli Effect 6-7-2019 Ryan Dawson