Agent Winston Conrad Mystery Comics

The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 10-2-2020 Winston Conrad

Agent Winston Conrad Mystery Comics

AoT #289

Winston Conrad of the Mystery School Comics Group is back on the show. His new comic “We Belong to the Night” is the first of what will be an ongoing series, and is the center of the discussion at hand.

topics include: Washington DC, comics, art, line work, color, writing, anxiety, faith, Germany, Old World, storytelling, occult, magic, nature, the Huntsmen, night time, characters, civilized world, nuance, no protagonist, werewolf and witch trials, story within a story

Uncle #196

Winston Conrad makes a triumphant return to the Uncle show. As per usual he takes the opportunity to talk about all the important issues with Uncle.

topics include: Dennis the Menace, video games, Donkey Kong, swords, social media, Donald Trump contracting Corona Virus, rock-rap, Washington DC, cough medicine, forklifts, caricature dilemma, comics, archery, Turkey, Turkish language, bae, China, shout outs

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Agent Winston Conrad Mystery Comics

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