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Popcorn Politics 4-28-2020 Josh Friedman and Twenty Five

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Ace Ventura Smoking Detective

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On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, my guest, Josh Friedman, and I discussed the news of the past 2 weeks.

UFOs, disappearing dictators, and pro wrestlers running for President. We briefly discussed whether aliens exist, who replaces Kim Jong Un if he dies, and whether Jesse Ventura is a serious candidate for the Green Party nomination.

We also discussed whether Ventura was even ideologically similar to the Greens. In 2016, he voted for Gary Johnson and described himself as a libertarian. And Andrew Cuomo, of course, became a topic of discussion over the decision to cancel the NY Presidential Primary. Ethically, the decision is odd, he didn’t cancel every primary, just the Presidential primary.

Josh and I agreed that it was likely a move to protect the incumbents who were in danger of falling to left-wing challenges. The major discussion involved Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden, we discuss the potential impact as well as Biden’s strategy to move past this.

In hour 2, 25 and I discussed the satire, Thank you for Smoking. Thank you for Smoking follows Nick Naylor, a cigarette lobbyist trying to balance his unethical work, with raising an ethical son.

We debated the portrayal of lobbying in the film, 25 believed it wasn’t harsh enough on lobbying, whereas I argued that the whole film was a condemnation of lobbying.

From scene 1 to his final scene where he says “Michael Jordan plays basketball, Charles Manson kills people, I talk, everyone has talents.” The film is overt in its disdain for lobbying.

We also discussed the viewpoint of the screenwriter, 25 sees a very libertarian view coming from the film, and Nick Naylor himself. We discussed this and more on Popcorn Politics

Ace Ventura Smoking Detective

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Ace Ventura Smoking Detective – Popcorn Politics 4-28-2020 Josh Friedman and Twenty Five