Abortion Best Laid Plans

The Ochelli Effect 5-15-2019 Kim

When the scheduled guest (Dave Emory) marks the wrong Wednesday on his calendar, It’s time to improvise. Kim had been having some interesting conversations off the air with Chuck, so it seemed like a good idea to get a woman’s perspective entered into The Ochelli Effect Podcast record.

The discussion started off with abortion as a topic. Chuck usually avoids it due to his idea that he has little said in the matter and can not presume to speak for women on such a personal issue. In recent discussions with Meria Heller and on his newsfeeds it seems to keep coming up regularly, and there is indeed a shifting reality emerging.

The Roe V. Wade decision has been part of the world and political debate during Chuck’s lifetime and seems to have been an established precedent. This appears to be changing as State laws and policies have rapidly restricted access to previously accessible means of dealing with feminine health issues beyond but including abortion.

Women with access to Money have nothing to worry about. So although some have called what is happening a “War On Women”, perhaps it is more specifically a War On Poor Women.

We all must remember that the position of all policy enforcers is best understood by accepting that your body is the property of Their Bosses.

Police committing murder and assault on vulnerable individuals closes out the two-hour discussion for the most part. If we took care of each other better and respected the individuals right to live as they see fit, none of this would have to be discussed at all.

Remember to commit random acts of kindness when and where you can. The effect and echo stemming from your actions could potentially change more than you’ll ever see. If everyone made it their practice to truly do a good deed every day it is unknown how much damage could be done to the creeping negativity in this reality.

Dave Emory will be on the show next Wednesday

Abortion Best Laid Plans

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Abortion Best Laid Plans

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Abortion Best Laid Plans – The Ochelli Effect 5-15-2019 Kim