Abbie Hoffman’s Ghost Loves You

Popcorn Politics 10-27-2020 Brian Kramer and 25

Abbie Hoffman’s Ghost Loves You

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Brian Kramer and I went over the state of the Presidential race as it heads into the final stretch. We agree that Joe Biden is favored for a variety of reasons.

First off, Trump’s strategy is very different from 2016, as is his position. In February, I argued that Trump was well-positioned to defeat the Democrats due to his ability to frame himself as an outsider to the system.

However, COVID has derailed that strategy. You can’t really run a campaign claiming to be an outsider while presiding over a national crisis. It’s the equivalent of Bush trying to claim he’s not really in power during the Iraq War, it’s utterly ridiculous. The other reason is the types of margins Trump is getting. He’s roughly even with where polls had him in 2016, the problem, Joe Biden regularly pulling 50+% of the vote. Upsets happen when challengers over-perform with undecideds.

In hour two, 25 and I discussed Trial of the Chicago 7. Directed by Aaron Sorkin, this movie about the 1969 Democratic convention protesters feels timely even though it was written in 2007.

The performances were fantastic, especially Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Frank Langella. The real star of this film is the script though. Aaron Sorkin’s script breathes life into a film that could easily grow stale, Sorkin’s direction isn’t spectacular, but the script and performances carry the production.

The arcs of Tom Hayden (Eddie Redmayne) and Abbie Hoffman (Sacha Bara Cohen) are central to the film and layout of the pragmatist versus activist dichotomy we see in every movement brilliantly. They have a few moments throughout the film that likely won’t stick out but exemplify the brilliance of the script to me. Even with a corny ending, this film deserves every accolade it gets.

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Abbie Hoffman’s Ghost Loves You

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