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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 1-15-2021 No Guests

Aaron Franz Plus Uncle Podcast

AoT #301

Aaron continues on the same thread as last week’s show. The events of January 6th are neither the beginning nor the end, of an ongoing political story. The War on Terror had experienced a lull for a few years, but is returning as the new face of terror is the PT Cruiser.

topics include: Washington DC, Capitol Hill, riot, protest, an angry mob, right-wing, terrorism, Patriot Act, Joe Biden

Utp #209

Another hour of live radio, live stream video, Schelling, Twitchering fun on Uncle (the podcast).

topics: Jacksonville Jaguars, QAnon Shaman eating organic food in jail, 2020 election, live streaming on Twitch, desert house, Flash Player going away, Top Gun 2, Cruise news, weird rubber mask, Nic Cage, Wicker Man, Patreon, two hours one show

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Aaron Franz Plus Uncle Podcast

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