911 Voices Adam Fitzgerald

The Ochelli Effect 9-13-2018 Adam Fitzgerald

The 9-11 Voices series will be a new constant on The Ochelli Effect.

We kick off a new series of shows focusing on 9-11 with Adam Fitzgerald laying the groundwork for what is to come in future broadcasts.

There is a context to the events and fall-out from the September 11 attacks. Adam provides a measured and straight discussion about the events that moved many pieces of the later puzzle into position.

Iran, The War on Terror, The concept of knowledge ahead of the event, The bombing in 93, The dancing Israeli concept, and many more topics are covered.

FBI, CIA, KSM, OBL, WTC, 911, OKC, NYC, little BS.

The recent silence from truth seekers regarding 9-11 inspired this series. Together we will seek out and explore many avenues of research and raw information in a quest to take the ripple effects of the post-911 reality and raise awareness for the as yet unanswered questions that remain.

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We invite you the listener to actively participate in this evolving series.

911 Voices Adam Fitzgerald

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911 Voices Adam Fitzgerald – The Ochelli Effect 9-13-2018 Adam Fitzgerald