911 Truth Poetic Injustice

The Ochelli Effect 5-29-2019 Adam Fitzgerald

Chuck has been wrestling for some time with the issue of 9-11 Truth and the consequences of the many disinformation and misinformation that populate what remains of the alleged Truth Community.

Adam Fitzgerald has been on the show before. When Chuck heard Pearse Redmond presenting an unscripted audit of his editorial practices, it occurred to Chuck that he was overdue for exactly the same. Adam was involved in that discussion.

Adam Fitzgerald is a rational researcher in the 9-11 field. Discussing the pitfalls and bad actions of the declining 9-11 movement seemed to be best served with a reasonable and realistic researcher.

This podcast demonstrates that the idea of 9-11 Truth is not entirely dead. It remains a worthy and essential topic in the arena of Deep Political Research, and many questions have remained unanswered.

Adam and Chuck both offered their opinions and experiences to illustrate the corrosive nature of propaganda. Supporters of the official conspiracy and the array of fantastic fancy in the conspiracy theory industry are both guilty of embracing bias.

We hope to have Adam returns soon and so we can do much more productive presentations with him. Until then this show will serve as a re-introduction to the field of 9-11 on the Ochelli Effect.

911 Truth Poetic Injustice

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911 Truth Poetic Injustice

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911 Truth Poetic Injustice – The Ochelli Effect 5-29-2019 Adam Fitzgerald