5G Depopulation Wifi Tree

The Ochelli Effect 7-19-2019 Larry Woods

Larry Woods returns to the show to further explain the energetic world. Are there many machines and power elements of knowledge that become lost and found over time?

Do you enjoy being sterilized via microwaves? Has life risen and fallen on this planet without history being recorded to reveal the cycle? Can anyone escape the 5G grid that is being put in place?

Is there a healthy frequency that could replace the harmful blasts of unending EMF’s we are currently enduring? Children bathing in constant Wifi is not a good thing, and it’s bad for you too.

Is the internet of everything actually the end of everything? How many weapons are unknown to those that believe their guns will save them? Is there any chance of reducing personal exposure to unwanted directed and broadband energy wave?

Do you really need the latest, greatest cell phone on the market? Will anyone even notice as microwave cook us all slowly until we start popping like corn?

5G Depopulation Wifi Tree


5G Depopulation Wifi Tree

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5G Depopulation Wifi Tree – The Ochelli Effect 7-19-2019 Larry Woods