2020 Revolution Part Two

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Uncle The Broadcast 12-31-2019 B

2020 Revolution Part Two

Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution 2020

Uncle returns for his second annual live New Year’s Eve special broadcast. This four-hour extravaganza took place as the New Year struck each time zone across the continental US. Chuck Ochelli was able to make it to the show as a producer just in the nick of time thanks to donations that came in from supporters to replace his old computer that had broken down only a week before. Uncle explained what we learned about 2019. Some good friends of the show called in to let us know what they doing on New Year’s Eve. Robin from Victoria, Bear the Double Rainbow Guy, Penpal Ed, JG Michael, and Pearse Redmond all joined us and brought the party atmosphere to higher and higher levels as the night went on. If you weren’t able to listen or watch the show live, do be sure to go back and watch it later at your convenience. It will stay posted to YouTube, Ochelli.com, and on the Uncle (the podcast) feed. Join the Revolution!

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2020 Revolution Part Two

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2020 Revolution Part Two – Uncle The Broadcast 12-31-2019 B