30 10, 2019

Baghdadi Dead Again Baseball

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30 10, 2019

Nine Lives Tender Vittles

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26 10, 2019

American Criminal History Two

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25 10, 2019

Syria Fog Part Two

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25 10, 2019

Political Circus Crazy Train

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25 10, 2019

WallStreet Window Podcast Digest

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23 10, 2019

NSFW Regular Roaring Effect

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NSFW Regular Roaring Effect The Ochelli Effect 10-22-2019 Regular Joe and Meria Heller NSFW Regular Roaring Effect On Tuesday night we did something completely different with Mike Swanson and JP Sottile taking the night off. First, we did a Regular Guy Newshour that seems to have become the anti-news hour. Chuck and Joe vaguely [...]