13 03, 2019

Psychotherapy For Media Exhaustion

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Psychotherapy For Media Exhaustion The Ochelli Effect 3-12-2019 Michael Swanson and Pearse Redmond On this particular Ochelli Effect, Michael Swanson went into a direction that Chuck did not expect. The industry of Psychology and MkUltra were discussed as inspired by Mike's interest in the Documentary Wormwood. It was quite unique among all the dialogs [...]

12 03, 2019

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Nineteen

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part NineteenThe Ochelli Effect 3-11-2018 Jordan MaxwellOn a Monday The mystical meets the deception of population control through the facilities of religious institutions.Jordan Maxwell joins us in the pursuit of the truth behind the multiple veils of misdirection. What is a spire? One more than eighteen; nine more than tenInspiration is often [...]

9 03, 2019

NSFW Robert Morrow Calling

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NSFW Robert Morrow Calling The Ochelli Effect 3-9-2019 Robert Morrow This is likely the most offensive yet polite discussion we have ever had on The Ochelli Effect. There is nearly something for everyone who can be offended by subject matter. From a tame opening discussion to clarify which Robert Morrow we are speaking with, to [...]

9 03, 2019

Pirate Radio Homeless Sword

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Pirate Radio Homeless Sword Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM Pirate Radio Homeless Sword Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 3-8-2019 (Aaron's Notes) TRR 220 Do we entertain angels unaware? When a homeless man speaks is he channeling a higher power? Were groups of pirates occult orders or just some stinky [...]

8 03, 2019

Micro Macro Mind Control

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Micro Macro Mind Control The Ochelli Effect 3-7-2019 Carmine Savastano Micro Macro Mind Control The Ochelli Effect 3-7-2019 Carmine Savastano What is mind control? In a general sense, it seems as though the techniques of influence and manipulation are of paramount concern to every kind of institution. Does this answer any questions we have [...]

7 03, 2019

Same Soup Different Cracker

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Same Soup Different Cracker The Ochelli Effect 3-6-2019 Joe Green Joseph E Green is an author, playwright, researcher and social commentator with a unique voice among the signals and noise of what was once liberal philosophy regarding history and deep politics. Joe's work and the Ochelli Effect share a common thread in-as-much as challenging the [...]

6 03, 2019

Old Glory Hole Hog

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Old Glory Hole HogThe Ochelli Effect 3-5-2019 Michael Swanson and JP SottileFull spectrum atrocities were covered on a Tuesday Ochelli Effect. From Vietnam, and the public execution of the 35th President of The United States of America on November 22, 1963, to Many more recent war crimes and the 45th POTUS, just being who he [...]

5 03, 2019

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Eighteen

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Eighteen The Ochelli Effect 3-4-2018 Jordan Maxwell On a Moon Day, the conversation with Jordan Maxwell the series on religion continued. There was a break between episodes due to a series of problems with schedule conflicts and Jordan's computer. So the breaking of the code through metaphors continued. From the Roman [...]

4 03, 2019

Trans Human Sports Center

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Trans Human Sports Center Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 3-1-2019 JG Michael (Aaron's Notes) TRR 219 JG Michael returns to Trans Resister Radio to pick up where he left off last time, talking about far-right views within transhumanist circles. From alternative media to [...]