19 06, 2018

rebellion vs empire

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rebellion vs empire The Ochelli Effect 6-18-2018 Chris Jay Chris Jay is the host of a radio show / Podcast called The Voice of Rebellion. Starting this week, the show will make it's home here at Ochelli.com. Chris is a young voice in the wilderness of allegedly alternative media who has been busy for [...]

16 06, 2018

colors unlimited uses

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colors unlimited uses The Ochelli Effect 6-15-2018 Jeffrey Matte Jeffrey Matte joins Chuck on a Friar's Day Ochelli Effect. 6-15-2018 We leave the servile, sycophantic, fawning, groveling, cringing, subservient, submissive, and slavish devotion of the Trump cultists out of the discussion. The is a language of colorful communication continually revealing the reality of the [...]

16 06, 2018

Top Gun Bar Scene

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Top Gun Bar Scene Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM Trans Resister Radio / Uncle The Broadcast LIVE 6-15-2018 Presented by Ochelli.com Aaron Franz, Pearse Redmond, and Uncle walk into a bar... Homoerotic speculations. A caller changes things up a bit. Not everyone from America is Donald Trump. Meditation and [...]

15 06, 2018

JFK 101 HSCA Part 2

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JFK 101 HSCA Part 2 The Ochelli Effect 6-14-2018 Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock Continuing with the JFK 101 series, we examine the House Select Committee on Assassination 2.0. Once Richard Sprague was removed from the lead position, G. Robert Blakey changes the nature and investigative practices in multiple ways. The Positive and adverse [...]

13 06, 2018

Sucker Punch Games

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Sucker Punch Games - Singapore Spacex Edition The Ochelli Effect 6-12-2018 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile Mike Swanson, The Author of The War State, joins Chuck to discuss Elon Musk's latest fake news campaign in the Trumped up era. Algorithms psychology is steering online sentiments. The allegory of the cave seems to be functioning [...]

12 06, 2018

ethics under fire

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ethics under fire The Ochelli Effect 6-11-2018 Chuck Solo Chuck goes solo on a moon day. Where is Yemen again? Alex Jones circle jerks some more SEO from the gullible. Lyme Disease isn't sexy enough. We are America, Bitches! Trump goes full-on prison Bitch mode for Putin and Kim. #SoMuchLosing The gravity of negative [...]

9 06, 2018

Suicidal Thoughts Meme

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Suicidal Thoughts Meme The Ochelli Effect 6-8-2018 Chuck Solo QANON pushes even more unfounded vile horror. Roger Stone doesn't vote. The cost of an arm and a leg when the police cuff your arms together and beat your leg to death. How deep is Trump in Putin's pocket? Scientific articles make the point about [...]

9 06, 2018

Hunting Season Will

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Hunting Season Will Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM The first hour we hear from Tim Will Hunting about his book. Tim joins us via the phone. His book, The Custodian Chronicles, Volume 1: An Inside Look at the American Public School System as Seen Through the Eyes of Its [...]

8 06, 2018

Robert Kennedy Fifty Year polka dot

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Robert Kennedy Fifty Year polka dot The Ochelli Effect 6-7-2018 Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock Authors Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock join Chuck to discuss the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. After a half-century of speculation about "The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress," we delve into the multiple sightings and suspects surrounding the [...]

7 06, 2018

Ted Metz for governor 2018

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Ted Metz for governor 2018 The Ochelli Effect 6-6-2018 Ted Metz Chuck has allowed few politicians to appear on the show. Ted Metz is running for Governor in Georgia. In an unscripted conversation, Chuck examines the views of the Libertarian candidate in unique Ochelli style. What would Ted do his first day in office? [...]