8 12, 2017

Dissecting fake JFK documents

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Dissecting fake JFK documents Pchelli Effect 12-07-2017 Carmine Savastano Another Thursday we are joined by author and researcher Carmine Savastano to explore document research with a twist. How can someone know they are looking at a fake document. there are a few in the JFK case that have fooled well-maening readers and authors several [...]

7 12, 2017

Transhuman Antichrist psychotronic religion

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Transhuman Antichrist psychotronic religion Ochelli Effect 12-06-2017 Mark Windows and Aaron Franz The Bread an Circus of the Israeli controlled political powder keg m and the many jokes that can be made about President Agent Orange start the ball rolling with Mark Windows. Chuck then turns Windows unique perspectives to the recent stories he [...]

6 12, 2017

uncertainty equation Bitcoin Greasy Trump

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uncertainty equation Bitcoin Greasy Trump The Ochelli Effect 12-05-2017 Mike Swanson , Ed Opperman , Pearse Redmond In the first hour of Tuesday night Ochelli Effect Chuck and the author of "The War State" Mike Swanson wander through the impressions gathered by two people far outside the craze that is currently Bitcoin Mania. How [...]

5 12, 2017

Rage Against Machines

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Rage Against Machines Punisher Archetypes Humanity Versus Technocracy The Ochelli Effect 12-04-2017 Regular Joe , Dylan Wade , and James Corbett First hour on a Monday we continue with a deeper look at the Marvel Punisher series which is building to the point where we will not only learn more about ourselves but perhaps [...]

2 12, 2017

Saudi Arabia Buying Time

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Saudi Arabia Buying Time Ochelli Effect 12-1-2017 Jim Willie and Vince Easley He's Baaaack! Jim Willie , The editor-in-cheif and founder of The Hat Trick Newsletter & GoldenJackass.com un-packs the recent palace intrigues in the kingdom of oil and everything else greasy.  Saudi Arabia Buying Time ? We are privileged to get Jim's take on [...]

1 12, 2017

JFK 101 Rockefeller Commission CIA Activities within United States

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JFK 101 Rockefeller Commission CIA Activities within United States The Ochelli Effect-2017-11-30 with Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock. JFK Assassination 101 continues JFK 101 Series - JFK 101 Rockefeller Commission CIA Activities within United States  + On this Thursday Ochelli Effect Larry Hancock and Carmine Savastano return to continue the JFK 101 series , [...]