30 08, 2016

08/29/2016 Monday – Sherri Wisdom & “The White Russian”

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08/29/2016    Monday - Sherri Wisdom on Relationships and other Chaos. The facts of life, Ochelli and Wisdom style. The "White Russian" is yet another agent of Chaos calls in and stirs the pot in the home stretch.  

27 08, 2016

08/26/2016 Friday – Daniel Louis Crumpton – Faith + other Revelations

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08/26/2016    Friday - Daniel Louis Crumpton - Faith is the topic. The author of Then Came The Flood is about to launch DownLoadedContent.Com but that's not quite where this unscripted conversation goes.  

26 08, 2016

08/25/2016 Thursday verifiable cover ups – Carmine Savastano

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08/25/2016    Thursday - Tonight the Ochelli Effect's "Sinister History" investigates the verifiable cover ups and new evidence in the JFK assassination. Chuck is joined by author and researcher Carmine Savastano to discuss the primary evidence. #JFK #Ochelli #AFR   Document 1: Central Intelligence Agency file, Miscellaneous CIA series, Breckenridge Files (HSCA), Requests from the Senate Select [...]

25 08, 2016

08/24/2016 Wednesday – Barry Prince, and Ron Stephens

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08/24/2016    Wednesday - Barry Prince, and Ron Stephens (hour 2 only) Discuss "The Mandella Effect", The Obama Defect, and The Islamo-Fascist Reject, on a slightly heated Ochelli Effect. Many stops along way including "It's 420 Somewhere"  

23 08, 2016

08/22/2016 Monday – Robbie Martin and The “Very Heavy Agenda”

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08/22/2016    Monday - Robbie Martin and The "Very Heavy Agenda". Robbie martin has an off the cuff discussion with Chuck that twists and turns through The labyrinth that leads form performance art, Through Media Roots, and Into A very heavy Agenda. War, Neo-Cons, Alternative media failures and the MSM? That's just for starters...  

18 08, 2016

08/17/2016 Wednesday – Lee Peer & Jordan Maxwell.

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08/17/2016    Wednesday - Lee Peer & Jordan Maxwell. Hour 1: Lee Peer "The Mouth" tells us how The Truth Emerges. Hour 2: Jordan Maxwell explains how the Occult (That Which is hidden) is obscured in plain site. Putting the English language, Law, The Vatican, and The Ebb and flow of currency is controlled.  

17 08, 2016

08/16/2016 Tuesday – Dylan Wade and JP Sottile Star Trek And Star Trump

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08/16/2016    Tuesday - Dylan Wade and JP Sottile  Star Trek to Star Trump? In the first hour Chuck and Dylan review The latest Star Trek Movie and discuss the history behind it. Hour 2 we move from green women to Orange men with stops along the T.V. history route as JP and Chuck discuss the Rogers [...]

16 08, 2016

08/15/2016 Monday – Sherri Wisdom meets Sholly Lama

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08/15/2016    Monday - Sherri Wisdom meets Sholly Lama . Chuck in a rotten mood is hit with advice of anal insertion as a remedy in the first hour, and Sholly Lama tells us all how deep the rectal re-hydration rabbit hole actually goes for the whole group that may or may not be "We The People". [...]