08/25/2016    Thursday – Tonight the Ochelli Effect’s “Sinister History” investigates the verifiable cover ups and new evidence in the JFK assassination. Chuck is joined by author and researcher Carmine Savastano to discuss the primary evidence. #JFK #Ochelli #AFR


Document 1:
Central Intelligence Agency file, Miscellaneous CIA series, Breckenridge Files (HSCA), Requests from the Senate Select Committee, June 3, 1975

Document 2:
Ibid, Taping Facilities in the Agency, June 11, 1975

Document 3:
House Select Committee on Assassinations, Segregated CIA Files, Box 48, Roselli/Maheu Matter, Review of DOJ Files, May 23, 1975, pp. 1-3

Document 4:
CIA file, Misc. CIA series, Breckenridge Files (HSCA), Response to Item 1.a…, June 19, 1975

Document 5:
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ruby Headquarters File, 44-23016, Assassination of the President, November 25, 1963

Document 6:
Report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, Part 1, Section D, The Federal Bureau of Investigation Performed with Varying Degrees of Competency in the Fulfillment of its Duties, p. 243

Document 7:
CIA file, Misc. CIA Series, Memo: ARRB Request re Angleton and Scott, June 24, 1996

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