02/16/2017 Thursday – American Freedom Radio presents the Ochelli Effect’s “Sinister History”. Chuck Ochelli and researcher Carmine Savastano discuss the CIA’s GPFLOOR (Oswald) inquiry and related evidence. #JFK #Ochelli #AFR

Document 1:
Central Intelligence Agency, Russ Homes Work File, Cable: To supplement our position as outlined in ref, we wish to stress there should be no let down, November 28, 1963
Document 2:
House Select Committee on Assassinations, Security Classified Testimony, Interview of E. Howard Hunt, November 3, 1978, p. 14
Document 3:
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Document 4:
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Article 1:
FBI loyalties in the CIA
Document 5:
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Document 6:
CIA, Russ Holmes Work File, Cable: Info received on plot by Chicom and Cuban sympathizers, December 12, 1963